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Big Data


Big Data is impacting Enterprises in all sectors – Sales and Marketing, Finance, Product Development, Manufacturing, Distribution, Research and Development, as well as significant areas of Government and Non-profits. As Forbes magazine said a few years ago “Big Data is the new Oil.”

Customers considering their Big Data strategy are often overwhelmed by the options available in technology, services and business value. Everyone claims they know Big Data and as the saying goes “many are called but few are chosen.” Excelerate Systems is one of the few businesses that can answer with an extensive list of capabilities, real world achievements and certifications on the major Big Data platforms, and Cloudera in particular. When discussing our Professional Services capabilities with customers we focus on 7 key areas:


All Big Data projects should start out with one question: What is its business objective or value? Many times this question gets lost in the technology discussion. Excelerate Systems Consultants are deeply experienced in keeping the business objective to the forefront when designing Big Data strategy. We have designed over 100 Big Data systems for a broad range of customers so you can be certain that your business objectives remain paramount.


Big Data is not a one size fits all technology. Some customers need an Enterprise Data Hub architecture with a complete Data Pipeline, hundreds of Data sources, and complex ingestion and transformation processes that visualize the data in Enterprise wide BI tools. Other organizations need a much simpler architecture, such as a NoSQL in-memory database with the data persisted in Spark. These are just two examples but there is one common thread, the Big Data ecosystem is moving at a tremendous pace and customers need a partner that will offer real-world advice on fitting architectures. Excelerate Systems consultants have that experience. In fact, on some occasions, we have advised customers that their business objectives can be met without moving to a big data architecture at all. Harnessing relational and non-relational data, and running SQL and noSQL analytics requires best-in-class solutions that directly address business needs.


Big Data technology, from hardware to software to networking or use case development, is complex. There are a lot of tools in the market and almost no off the shelf solutions. Excelerate Systems has been involved in over 75 Big Data implementations and our team of fully certified and experience consultants has the track record to make your Big Data project successful. Don’t take our word for it. Ask us to introduce you to one of our many reference customers across multiple sectors. Whether it’s installation, configuration, analyzing requirements, customization, running, testing, systems integration, user training, or delivery, we have almost certainly already implemented what you are considering.


Once you have your Big Data systems up and running, we can provide ongoing technical support – either as an expert resource to help with particularly difficult issues or on an ongoing basis. Big Data is complex and you need a partner that knows how to get mission critical systems back up and running quickly. We partner with the full range of Big Data vendors including Cloudera, Elastic, Splunk, Syncsort, ZoomData, Datameer, Amazon Web Services, Cisco and Dell to provide full post-sales support for your Big Data systems.

Use Case Development

Excelerate Systems has most likely already worked on the use cases you are considering, including Customer 360, retail product analysis, online recommendation engines, telecoms network optimization, fraud analysis, data warehouse optimization and many others. Our consultants have a strong track record in building use cases for our customers.


This is the area where many customers fail to realize business value. We have transformed many Big Data projects that are failing into successes by working with customers to deliver new business insights to their BI users. Whether it is connecting the Data Lake to existing BI tools, joining the new Big Data cluster to existing Data Warehouse systems, or implementing new Visualization projects more focused on mobile devices, we have extensive experience in making analytics a core component of your Big Data strategy.

IoT Deployments

IDC estimates the direct Internet of Things (IoT) market will grow to more than $1.7 trillion by 2020 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.9%. Enterprises are asking how they can take advantage of this growing market. Excelerate Systems has already implemented a significant number of IoT projects in the Americas and Europe. We have a number of use cases under development and will be happy to discuss them with you under a NDA agreement.

Training / Workshops

From just researching through the technology maze to design and implementation, the experts at Excelerate understand training and knowledge transfer is critical to success. Our goal with customers is to make you self-sufficient in your Big Data skills and knowledge. Therefore, we push strongly for customers to maximize their investment in training on platforms such as Cloudera or Elastic. In addition, we also offer a range of knowledge transfer workshops where we tailor the content and duration to meet the needs of specific customers for onsite workshops.

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