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Excelerate Systems has been a leading provider of IT security since 2008. Is there anything more important than keeping your business and data safe from cybercriminals? We keep your business compliant, protected and productive. Our software solutions will oversee internal, external and unknown threats. We like to say “we ensure that you are not featured in tomorrow’s headlines.”

Professional Services

The certified and experienced consultants at Excelerate Systems will guide you to a fully integrated, end-to-end security solution designed for your business. We only work with industry leading partners who provide first rate Enterprise Level Networks, Perimeter and Mobile Security. Our team of dedicated security engineers are committed to your success.


Since 2008, we have been implementing security solutions for over 100 customers- using systems such as; Log Management, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IPS/D), Vulnerability and Configuration Management, Enterprise Security Systems (ESS), Mobile Security, Mobile Device and Application Management (MDM/MAM), Mobile Application Security and Auditing, Data Leak Prevention (DLP) Legacy (Mainframe and iSeries) Security and more.


Certified Consultants 40
Number of Countries 25
BigData Projects 101
Smart City Projects 5
Anti-Fraud platforms 10
Telco Analysis platforms 15
Risk Analysis solutions implemented 20


Our partners are solving complex IT security issues for millions every day.

  • Qualys
    The Qualys Cloud Platform consists of a suite of IT security and compliance solutions that leverage shared and extensible core services and a highly scalable multi-tenant cloud infrastructure.

  • Splunk
    Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) is a premium security solution that provides insight into machine data generated from security technologies such as network, endpoint, access, malware, vulnerability and identity information.

  • Pradeo
    Pradeo is a global company, leader of mobile security. It offers innovative solutions to protect mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and connected objects) and master mobile application security. Pradeo’s cutting-edge technology, Pradeo Security, has been recognized as one of the most advanced mobile security technology by Gartner, IDC and 77 other research firms in 2018. Read more about Pradeo on


  • SearchGuard

    Search Guard (®) is an Elasticsearch plugin that offers encryption, authentication, and authorization. It builds on Search Guard SSL and provides pluggable auth/auth modules 

    in addition. Excelerate Systems is the Distributor for Searchguard in the Americas, France and the UK. Search Guard is an independent implementation of a security access layer for Elasticsearch. Search Guard is completely independent from Elasticsearch own security offerings. Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash are trademarks of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries. floragunn GmbH – the developer of Searchguard is not affiliated with Elasticsearch BV.

    Learn More About SearchGuard
  • NNT
    NNT solutions provide :

    • System Configuration, Vulnerability Hardening & Compliance Management
    • Real time, Intelligent & Context-based File Integrity Monitoring
    • Automated File Approvals using the world’s largest whitelist
    • Change Policy Control
    • Configuration Drift Management
    • Security Information and Event Log Management

    The easy response to that question might just be to say that NNT provide cyber security solutions. In actual fact, NNT protect thousands of organizations worldwide from the daily threat of cyberattack. The damage potential of Ransomware, zero-day malware and data theft – be it financial, personal identifiable information or intellectual property – is incalculable but the threat is real and present.

    Excelerate Systems is the authorized distirbutor of NNT in the Americas and can provide the full range of solutions and post sales support of NNT. If you are looking to migrate from Tripwire please contact us.

  • Ercom / Cryptobox
    Cryptobox by Ercom SECURITY, END-TO-END ENCRYPTION Cryptobox provides the highest level of security in its class. Passwords are known only to users, data encryption and decryption is performed on user devices, and just like when accessing a safety deposit box, two keys are required to access data. COLLABORATION, SHARING, SYNCHRONIZATION Cryptobox allows sharing and collaboration between users within user-defined Workspaces. Depending on the level of individual rights, users can be managed individually so they can share, edit or only view documents. PERSONAL STORAGE SPACE Each user can have a secure and individual data storage area. SHARING BY SECURE URL Your contacts are not Cryptobox users and you would like to share documents with them from time to time? Cryptobox allows you to securely share with individuals who are not registered with the service. PATENTED SECURITY SOLUTION Since Cryptobox does not know user passwords, their loss could be critical. ERCOM has filed a patent allowing any user to report a trusted individual for the purpose of recovering access to their account and generate a new password.