Big Data Solution

Excelerate Systems has been active in the Big Data scene since 2009. As one of the first solution providers to invest in this area, Excelerate Systems has built an extensive range of skills and knowledge to help customers achieve rapid time to value in their Big Data investments.

Professional Services

Our fully trained, certified and experienced consultants can provide rapid time to value, high quality implementations and significantly raise the probability of a successful Big Data Project. We provide a full range of services, such as Proof of Concept (on premise or in the cloud) to changing outcomes of failed Big Data projects, to architecture and design recommendations, to developing new use cases.


With extensive knowledge and experience in building Big Data solutions since 2009, we have a broad range of capabilities with vertical market knowledge in Retail, Telcos, Government, Finance, Online, Media, Gaming and many other sectors. We offer a full range of Data Driven solutions from Design, Architect, and implementation, all the way through use case development and customer technical support. Whether your use case is Customer 360, Network Management, Risk and Fraud Analysis, Point of Sale analysis, Monetization and Recommendation engines, Internet of Things or many others, we have likely built the use case(s) that you are considering.


Certified Consultants 40
Number of Countries 25
BigData Projects 101
Smart City Projects 5
Anti-Fraud platforms 10
Telco Analysis platforms 15
Risk Analysis solutions implemented 20


We only work on the industry leading platforms in Big Data :

  • Cloudera
    Cloudera provides the world’s fastest, easiest, and most secure data platform built on Hadoop. Cloudera helps solve your most demanding business challenges with data.

  • Trifacta
    Trifacta is the industry leading Data Wrangling platform. Users will spend less time ingesting and transforming data in the Hadoop cluster and more time building new insights from the data.

  • Elastic Stack
    Elastic  has over 12 million downloads of the leading Lucene based search engine. Elastic also provides the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) to provide immediate, actionable insight from data in real-time.

  • Elastalert Easy & Flexible Alerting With Elasticsearch

    ElastAlert is a simple framework for alerting on anomalies, spikes, or other patterns of interest from data in Elasticsearch. ElastAlert works with all versions of Elasticsearch. Developed by Yelp, who use Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana for managing their data and logs. If you have data being written into Elasticsearch in near real time and want to be alerted when that data matches certain patterns, ElastAlert is the tool for you. If you can see it in Kibana, ElastAlert can alert on it. Elastalert is completely free to use and Excelerate Systems offers support and professional services for Elastalert.

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  • Search Guard (®) Security for Elastic
    Search Guard is an Elasticsearch plugin that offers encryption, authentication, and authorization. It builds on Search Guard SSL and provides pluggable auth/auth modules in addition. Excelerate Systems is the Distributor for Searchguard in the Americas, France and the UK.


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  • Skedler
    The Skedler Automation Stack – Skedler offers a full stack of easy-to-use, automation products that can help you to unleash the value of your enterprise data in Elasticsearch®.

    Contact us About Skedler Automation Stack
  • Syncsort
    With Syncsort, users can offload mainframe data to their Hadoop cluster. Syncsort provides the framework with enterprise grade products.

  • Datameer
    With Big Data analytics for everyone, Datameer offers self-service and schema-free Big Data analytics application for Hadoop.