Elasticsearch Open Source Support Services.

  • Elastic Stack

    Excelerate Systems has been working on the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
    and Beats) since 2014. We have trained and experienced ELK consultants and support
    personnel. We can provide fine tuning, configuration, optimization support for your ELK
    cluster including support for Marvel – Elastic’s monitoring plugin. (Please note – this
    service is not a substitute for X-Pack subscription – we only provide support for the
    free/open source elements of the ELK stack.

  • Searchguard (community)

    Searchguard community version is completely free to use. As the authorized partner for
    Searchguard in the Americas for the community and Enterprise versions we have
    extensive experience and capabilities of Searchguard. Please note this service is for the
    community version. If you need a subscription and support for the Enterprise version,
    please contact us.

  • Elastalert

    Elastalert (open source) is a simple and popular open source tool for alerting on
    anomalies, spikes, or other patterns of interest found in data stored in Elasticsearch.
    Elastalert works with all versions of Elasticsearch. Yelp use Elasticsearch, Logstash and
    Kibana for managing their ever-increasing amount of data and logs. Kibana is great for
    visualizing and querying data, but Yelp realized that it needed a companion tool for
    alerting on inconsistencies in the data. Out of this need, ElastAlert was created.
    If you have data being written into Elasticsearch in near real time and want to be alerted
    when that data matches certain patterns, ElastAlert is the tool for you. If you can see it in
    Kibana, ElastAlert can alert on it.

  • Fluentd

    Elasticsearch is the nexus for gathering and storing the log data and it is not exclusive to Logstash.
    Another great data collection solution on the market is Fluentd, and it also supports
    Elasticsearch (amongst others) as the destination for it’s gathered data. So using the same
    data repository and frontend solutions, this becomes the EFK stack.

  • Kafka

    In the world of DevOps, metric collection, log centralization and analysis Apache Kafka is
    the most commonly used middleware. More specifically, it is used as a fast, persistent
    queue between data sources like log shippers and the storage that makes data, such as
    logs, searchable using Elasticsearch and Kibana.

  • Open Source Elastic monitoring

    Head (or es-head) has three major operations. We also support Kopf and elasticHQ which offer similar functionality
    1. A ClusterOverview, which shows the topology of your cluster and allows you to
    perform index and node level operations.
    2. A couple of search interfaces that allow you to query the cluster a retrieve results
    in raw json or tabular format.
    3. Several quick access tabs that show the status of the cluster.

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